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By listening to your needs, we can transform your people's behaviour and performance. We achieve results through our unique approach and programmes.

We meet with you and learn about your current situation and business needs.

If you know you need to change but are unsure or don’t know what or how to change, we can help you with that too.  We then propose what we believe are great interventions and  work with you to transform your current situation and achieve your required results.

Pauline Crawford CEO & Founder
With 20 years in performance consultancy, Pauline leads both on creation and delivery of the Corporate Heart experience, her passion to find the heart of business. As a champion of the value of natural attributes and personal talents, she prides herself on enabling her clients to see their future possibilities right now and implement them practically to achieve best results for them and for their business. As Founder and CEO, she leads on the idea that a necessary shift is happening for men and women as well as economic markets, and is a 'thought leader' on TV and in her writing, she calls for a new blueprint for business that will impact life and work success equally.

Barbara Marchelle MD
With Board level experience, and a career helping business grow and succeed, Barbara leads on Corporate Heart business strategy, business planning, marketing, talent management and funding strategies. Under her guidance, we have created our new brand image, our vision and operational goals. She directs the overall business direction to fulfill Corporate Heart's vision, translating intangibles into structure and making things happen, implementing operating plans and monitoring results.

Philip Palmer Head of Learning
With Project Management and facilitation expertise, Philip specialises in Personal Development with a passion for people to understand theirs and others behaviour. He co-creates the materials and experiences that build Corporate Heart success with its 'people-value' philosophy. Together with Pauline, he plays a major role in the delivery of programmes and accreditation for the quality received from Corporate Heart Associates.

Sonia Aste Sales Development Executive
With a senior International Business history, and account manager experience with global companies, Sonia has a proven record of success opening up new markets, establishing strong executive relationships with partners, and managing complex buying decisions. She brings a rich background in understanding people and marketplaces and the changing nature of business today and is the driving force for Corporate Heart expansion and client happiness.

Corporate Heart prides itself on walking our talk and our clients love us for that

Corporate Heart worked closely with our London office to design and deliver a series of programmes for both individual and team development. The brief - to come up with creative ideas that would build self confidence and strengthened teamwork simultaneously. The programme - a mixture of individual meetings as well as large and small group sessions. Critical to the event's success was Corporate Heart's experience in developing people and teams, spoken communication and understanding the values that drive and influences behavior (using tools to ensure rigour and accuracy). As well as Corporate Heart's specialist expertise in this area, creativity, attention to detail and excellent project management skills were essential in ensuring successful results."
Heidi Dahl, Head of Western Europe, Innovation Norway

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