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We treat our Clients as real people facing real challenges. Each Client is individual with a unique personality and a multitude of experiences.

We treat our clients as real people with real problems, individual personalities and experiences.  We take them into different learning environments, in-house classroom style, workshops and seminars. 

We look for different environments, light open spaces; use horse whispering, drumming, hands on creativity; we create vision boards and manuals and workbooks tailored to needs. 

We measure, use profiles, build on evidence and engage with frameworks.  We ensure your experience creates life long learning.  Here you see some clients sharing special moments with us.

“This approach to team development is creative, thought provoking and exciting. The two day session they delivered for part of our finance group, enabled the team to identify their own strengths whilst focusing them on creating their own team vision which has resulted in the team excelling in their business goals whilst working together”.
HR Manager, Urenco.

“The programme helped me to understand that I possessed all the abilities and skills which were required for the role and that it was only my lack of confidence which was holding me back. … (as a female) the Corporate Heart  approach was instrumental in helping me develop the right mindset to move forward with my career  (taking up MD role) and to deal with the inevitable challenges”. 
Managing Director, Basel Trust, Jersey.

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